Service Agreement


THIS AGREEMENT ("Agreement") is made and entered into by and between

  • RESEAPRO SCIENTIFIC SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED ("Reseapro"), the Company incorporated under the Indian Companies Act 1956, with its trademark service on manuscript editing carried out through, and existing under the laws of INDIA, with its head office located at: DCB-401,4th Floor,DLF Cyber City, Chandaka Industrial Estate,Patia, Bhubaneswar-751024, Odisha, INDIA,
  • AND
  • Any party, individual or group who will avail the Services of Reseapro through its online service interface , deemed hereinafter to be its "Client".
  • The specific purpose of this agreement is to set forth the rights and obligations of the Clients with respect to its use of services of Reseapro using the service interface By Clicking "Accept", "Finish", "Continue" or a similar Acknowledgement with respect to using the Services of Reseapro, the "Client" accepts all the terms and conditions of this agreement. The "Client" agrees that this Agreement is enforceable like any written negotiated agreement signed by the parties to this agreement.


    For the purpose of this Agreement, Reseapro Scientific Services Private Limited and its service interface will be referred to herein after as "Reseapro" For the purpose of this Agreement, any party, individuals, authors, company, or group who avails the services of Reseapro will be deemed hereinafter as "Client". For the purpose of this agreement, any documents, research papers, thesis, PowerPoint presentations, sent by Client to Reseapro for the purpose of service will be deemed as "Manuscript".

    For purposes of this Agreement, the term Services will include any of the following: Substantive editing, proofreading, camera-ready formatting, Editing research proposals/ grant applications, Full translation and scientific editing, Poster creation/ design, Target journal formatting, camera-ready formatting, Technical writing, medical writing and/or editing of Abstract, Literature Review, Scientific research papers & journal articles, Thesis/ dissertation, Case study, Clinical study reports/ documentation, Medical Protocol, Product inserts, Monograph, Continuing medical education (CME), Business Proposals, Grant applications, Writing and/or editing of Promotional /sales materials such as Press releases, Feature articles, Slide kit/ Power Point Presentation, Cover letter for journals, Clinical study reports/ documentation, Product packaging, Newsletter, Brochures, Posters, Publication Support services such as Journal selection, Journal submission, Response to reviewers, and Editorial support to journal publishers.

    For the purpose of this agreement, "Translation" shall involve converting the communication of the meaning of client submitted manuscript written in a native source language to equivalent meaning in English, or vice-versa.

    For the purpose of this agreement, "Substantive editing" will consist of a thorough and comprehensive revision of the contents of the manuscript and incorporating substantive changes to the text to improve its organization and quality of communication. The editing process involves checking and correcting the manuscript's English language for spelling, vocabulary, grammar and punctuation, rephrasing, revising sentence structure, eliminate repetitions, ensure continuity, improve word choice as well as adjusting the style to make it consistent and logical and conform to a chosen standard.

    For the purpose of this agreement "Proofreading" shall consist of reading the manuscript thoroughly, picking up all types of errors present therein, and make appropriate corrections to typing mistakes, missing words, punctuation, capitalization, checking the manuscript with regard to consistent use of abbreviations, and correct documentation of references, checking the manuscript for its layout such as headlines, paragraphs, and illustrations etc for their correct dimensions and placement.

    For the purpose of this agreement "Camera-ready formatting" shall mean preparing the manuscript submitted by client in a designated layout and formatting style of text, paragraphs and figures within a specified margin and position, which is ready for, direct printing by the publisher.

    For the purpose of this agreement, "Target journal formatting" shall mean preparing the manuscript submitted by client in a designated style of formatting texts, figures, tables and references according to the author guidelines of the target journal in which it is intended to be submitted for publication.

    For the purpose of this agreement,"Full translation and scientific editing" shall mean translation of the client submitted manuscript written in a native language to English, followed by usual “Substantive editing”.

    For the purpose of this agreement, "Editing research proposals/ grant applications" shall mean checking and correcting the research proposal/ grant application submitted by client with regard to its content, checking and correcting errors in spelling, grammar and punctuation, correct choices of words and phrases, remove superfluous words and repetitions, re-organize to improve coherency, check for clear description and rationale of the experimental methods, point out obvious scientific discrepancies, and review the tables, figures and legends.

    For the purpose of this agreement, "Poster creation /design" shall mean arranging the contents of the manuscript submitted by client in a condensed format into a visually appealing poster of desired dimension as per the requirement of client, and will include creating a suitable template and layout, formatting and typesetting texts, figures and tables.

    For the purpose of this agreement, "Medical writing" will include writing a medical project from scratch or from a rough draft/outline and /or based on the study data and guidelines provided by client into a well-structured document with smooth flow of ideas, proper tone, correct organization, structure and format it to the desired publication style, add updated reference from published literature, create supporting material such as figures and tables from the study data provided by client.

    For the purpose of this agreement, "Customized writing" will include writing review articles/literature review, research proposals, articles for publication from scratch or from a rough draft/outline and /or based on the study data and guidelines provided by client into a well-structured document of desired style.

    For the purpose of this agreement "Creation of Promotional and Sales materials" will include writing and/or designing and developing any of the following: Newsletters, Press releases and publications, Patient information leaflets, Product monographs, Product information brochures, Operating manuals, other promotional and educational material, Website content & design.

    For the purpose of this agreement "Publication support services" will include journal selection, journal formatting, journal submission, response to reviewers, editorial support to journal publishers, or the publication support packages consisting of different combinations of the above services as published in the website.

    For purposes of this Agreement, it is understood that any product(s), information, or other services that are offered through the website shall from now on be known as (the "Service").

    The parties to this Agreement acknowledge and agree that:

    1. a. The Client wish to have its document/manuscript checked for correct English usage and grammar, and get it scientifically edited that includes any or all of the following: Copy-editing, substantive editing, English proofreading, checking the manuscript's English language for spelling, grammar and punctuation, rephrasing, revising sentence structure, checking for consistency, proper usage, and typographical errors, evaluation of flow, presentation, and sentence structure, phrases and expert suggestions, improve word choice as well as adjusting the style, camera-ready formatting, target journal formatting, full translation from different languages to English and scientific editing, editing research proposals, journal selection, journal submission, writing response to reviewers, poster creation, editorial support to journal publishers, and that Reseapro has agreed to provide the editing service and the Client agrees to pay Reseapro for the service rendered by Reseapro through its service interface
    2. The “Client” will submit its document/manuscript to Reseapro by uploading via the online service interface of Reseapro with a request for the service, after it log in to the Clients interface.
    3. Reseapro will forward/send the document/manuscript to an empanelled expert professional manuscript editor who is skilled and proficient at editing manuscripts and has the most relevant scientific background to the submitted document for the editing work.
    4. The Client understands that Editing Services consist of any or all of the following: Copy-editing, substantive editing, English proofreading, checking the manuscript's English language for spelling, grammar and punctuation, rephrasing, revising sentence structure, checking for consistency, proper usage, and typographical errors, evaluation of flow, presentation, and sentence structure, phrases and expert suggestions, improve word choice as well as adjusting the style, camera-ready formatting, target journal formatting, full translation from different languages to English and scientific editing, editing research proposals, journal selection, journal submission, writing response to reviewers, poster creation, editorial support to journal publishers,
    5. Reseapro will use reasonable efforts to ensure that the edited manuscript is returned to Client within the chosen “turnaround time” which means the time period within which the Client wants/requires Reseapro to complete the Editing work and send it back to it.
    6. Client agrees to pay Reseapro the cost of editing computed on the basis of the total number of words of the submitted manuscript.
    7. For our editing services, while revisions and/or corrections may affect the length of the document/material/text submitted, all service fees will be based on the total number of words in the originally submitted document.
    8. Based on the number of pages, type of service and chosen turnaround time, an invoice will be generated and available for the Client to download. The Client will make the payment to Reseapro through Credit card or by direct electronic transfer through a secure online payment gateway provided by PayPal or CC Avenue.. PayPal or CC Avenue will act as an intermediate gateway to provide security of payment by the Client. On successful completion of payment by the Client, Reseapro will initiate and perform the services based on the confirmation alert from PayPal or CC Avenue.
    9. It is understood and agreed that the Service is provided on an as is and as available basis. Reseapro reserves the right to modify, suspend or discontinue the Service with or without notice at any time. However, such discontinuance of service will not be applicable for a specific ongoing Order from client and will be effective after completion and delivery of the service.
    10. It is agreed that editing is a subjective service aimed at improving the submitted manuscript. Reseapro's sole function is to edit the manuscript submitted by the Client and return it to the Client within the chosen turnaround time. In this light the Editors of Reseapro will make best efforts to advise and suggest changes to improve the manuscript. The decision to accept or reject the editor's suggestions is solely the Client’s.
    11. It is agreed that the service of Reseapro is not a Single-step service where any quality of document submitted by client will be converted to a perfected manuscript just after first edit. If there are some unclear text, unclear interpretation/intention (which the client wish to express), or contents which are difficult to decipher by Reseapro’s editors, it might require several rounds of clarification from client and back and forth movement of the manuscript between Reseapro and the client before the final version can be prepared. It is the responsibility of the client to provide such feedback/clarification on time to avoid delay in service.
    12. It is agreed that the Client is responsible for providing the clarification/additional information/reply to comments sought by Reseapro within the following deadlines:
      1. Within 15 days of delivery of the first draft of a writing assignment,
      2. Within 7 days of delivery of an editing assignment.
      Any delay by the client in reverting within these deadlines might lead to the unavailability of the concerned editor or writer at Reseapro and jeopardize optimum use of Reseapro’s time and resources. Therefore, it is agreed that in the eventuality of any such delay on the part of the Client, Reseapro will charge an additional amount according to the following slabs:
      • 25% on the total invoice if the client responds between 16 and 30 days after delivery.
      • 50% of the total invoice if the client responds between 31 and 45 days after delivery.
      • The full invoiced amount if the client responds after 45 days of delivery. In such cases, the order will be treated as a fresh order.
    13. EMI Delay Penalty

      Late Payment Fees: Clients who fail to make EMI payments as per the mutually agreed schedule will incur late payment fees as follows:

      • 1-7 Days Late: 10% of the total quotation amount
      • 8-15 Days Late: 15% of the total quotation amount
      • 16-30 Days Late: 25%-30% of the total quotation amount
      • Over 30 Days Late: The order will be considered closed, and any outstanding balance will be immediately due. The client may be subject to additional collection actions.
    14. It is agreed that in the case of Reseapro’s packaged services, the Client needs to adhere to the following deadlines for feedback on each milestone of the package (as applicable):
      1. Editing: Within seven days from the date of delivery by Reseapro.
      2. Journal selection: Within two days from the date of delivery by Reseapro.
      3. Formatting: Within three days from the date of delivery by Reseapro.
      4. Figure preparation: Within two days from the date of delivery by Reseapro.
      5. Journal submission: Within two days from the date of delivery by Reseapro.
      6. Response to reviewer(s): Within two days from the date of delivery by Reseapro.
      Any delay by the client in reverting within these deadlines will invoke additional charges of upto a maximum of 50% of the Invoice amount. The final amount levied will be at the sole discretion of Reseapro on a case-by-case basis.
    15. If Client is dissatisfied with the quality of the Services provided to Client, it must notify Reseapro in writing specifying the valid reasons of its dissatisfaction within 7 days of Reseapro delivering the document. Reseapro will review the cause of dissatisfaction. If Reseapro agrees that the quality of the Services is deficient, Reseapro will arrange to have the Work re-done again at no additional cost to Client.
    16. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, Client acknowledge and agree that except the obvious mistakes and logical flows of sentences where the Editors will input suggestions and corrections, Reseapro does not: (i) review the substance of content in the documents submitted to it by the client; or (ii) guarantee the quality, accuracy or results of the services based on the content submitted by the client. No claim or refund shall be entertained for any subscribed or purchased services on the Manuscriptedit platform or its bouquet of services.
    17. There are no guarantees in the highly competitive field of publishing. In large part the acceptance of a manuscript for publication is the subjective decision of a publisher and its editors. This decision is subject to the quality and novelty of the content provided by the client and whims of taste and perceived marketability of the manuscript. Reseapro, while working to aid the Client in preparing the best manuscript possible given the submitted material, has no way of judging the market or the whims and caprices of the publishing industry.
    18. Under "Publication Support Services" offered by Reseapro Scientific services and through its online service interface, the mention of "Unlimited Assistance" is limited to a maximum period of one year from the date of order confirmation. On expiry of that maximum time period of one year, the "Publication Support Service" for that particular order will be deemed "closed". Further, repeated rejections by journals on grounds of lack of novelty or originality of a paper will also result in a closure of that order. In either case, no further liability will accrue on the part of Reseapro Scientific services or its online service interface
    19. After submitting the article to a target journal, it becomes the client's responsibility to address the reviewer comments. Reseapro's role is limited to refining the responses and preparing the response letter. If the client chooses not to address the comments and instead decides to submit the article to a different journal, an additional administrative fee of $175 will be applied. This covers the expert’s fee to proceed with the next journal as considerable effort and time is invested for preparing the article. The client may avail this chargeable resubmission option for up to two subsequent journals. However, beyond that, no further resubmission requests will be accommodated, and the order will be considered "Closed".
    20. Reseapro and its editors will use reasonable efforts to maintain the confidentiality of any material supplied by Client to Reseapro.
    21. Because Reseapro editors use Microsoft Word to make all editing suggestions, Client must have access to Microsoft Word 2003 or higher and understand how to use it to accept/reject and make suggested modifications during editing process.
    22. Client understands that while Reseapro will edit the manuscript, Reseapro shall not have final editorial control over it. The Client is free to accept or reject editorial changes and suggestions made by Reseapro before submitting to journals for publication.
    23. Client agree not to use the Services for, and the Documents will not contain, any infringing, illegal, sexually explicit, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, or racially, ethnically, or otherwise objectionable material, including, without limitation, any materials that could give rise to any liability to Reseapro or which might adversely affect the public image, reputation or goodwill of Reseapro.
    24. the trademark service interface of Reseapro Scientific Services (P) Ltd. shall not be held liable for any plagiarism, illegal doings, or fraudulent material submitted to us by the Client.
    25. the online service interface of Reseapro Scientific Services (P) Ltd. reserves the right to refuse materials submitted for editing or writing assignments. Documents containing unethical and/or illegal material may lead to the loss of the right to confidentiality.
    26. While, the trademark service interface of Reseapro Scientific Services (P) Ltd. takes all necessary precautions to safeguard all submitted documents, it shall not be held liable for the loss of documents due to power failure, hardware/software failure, computer viruses, natural disasters, or any other unforeseen matters and factors beyond our control.
    27. Reseapro shall not be held liable for delay in services in the unforeseen act of god like natural disasters including flood, cyclone, hurricane, pandemic or any other such extraordinary act of nature that are beyond the control of Reseapro.
    28. Any dispute arising for any discounted services will be settled amicably. No refund of fee is applicable for any discounted services.
    29. Mandatory Discussion of Services: Both parties hereby agree to engage in a mandatory discussion regarding all free services offered at the time of order confirmation. This discussion will encompass services related to Proofreading, Substantive Editing, and Extensive Substantive Editing, as applicable.

      Acknowledgment of Services by Client:The client acknowledges that they have been provided with a detailed list or menu of all free services associated with their chosen editing package. The client confirms their understanding of the specific services included in their selected package.

      Written Confirmation of Agreed Services: This agreement shall include a provision for the written confirmation of the discussed services. Such confirmation may be executed through the signing of this contract or a formal email following the order confirmation. This written confirmation is intended to ensure mutual understanding and agreement on the provided services, thereby preventing future disputes.

      Eligibility Criteria for Free Services: The provision of free services as outlined in this policy shall be applicable to orders meeting the following criteria:

      • The order value must be equal to or greater than USD 250.
      • The word count of the manuscript must exceed 6000 words.

      Discretion of Management: The eligibility for free services is subject to the discretion of the management. The management reserves the right to determine whether an order meets the eligibility criteria based on its own assessment.

      Confirmation of Eligibility: Prior to order placement, clients seeking to avail themselves of the free services must receive written confirmation through email from the management confirming their eligibility. This confirmation will serve as acknowledgment that the order meets the required criteria for the provision of free services.

      Exclusion from Upgradation:Exclusion from Upgradation: This policy is not applicable to orders or services that involve an upgrade from an existing service package. Free services are specifically offered in conjunction with initial orders meeting the eligibility criteria outlined above.

      Contingency Based on Manuscript Analysis: The provision of free services is contingent upon an initial analysis of the manuscript and an assessment of the complexity encountered during the editing process.

      Adjustment of Services Based on Complexity: In the event that the manuscript requires more extensive work than initially assessed, the parties acknowledge that certain free services may no longer be applicable, or additional charges may be necessary.

      Transparency and Rationale in Complexity Assessment: The client will be provided with a clear and transparent rationale should there be any necessity to alter the agreed-upon services based on the complexity of the manuscript.

      Finalization of Agreed Services: The parties agree that the services confirmed during the order confirmation process are final and binding. Any deviation or alteration from the confirmed services will be treated as a new agreement.

      Additional Service Requests: Any services requested by the client subsequent to the order confirmation, including but not limited to journal selection services or additional formatting, shall be considered as extra services and subject to additional charges.

      Reference to Supplementary Price List: A supplementary price list will be provided for any additional services requested after the order confirmation. The client agrees to the terms and charges as outlined in the supplementary price list for these additional services.

      Acknowledgment of Client Responsiveness Expectations: The client agrees to provide all necessary data, feedback, and communication in a timely manner to facilitate the successful completion of the order. Timely communication is essential for maintaining the workflow and meeting project deadlines.

      Consequences of Prolonged Unresponsiveness: In the event the client becomes unresponsive for a period exceeding four (4) months, without any communication either through call or email, the order will be considered as suspended. The client acknowledges that prolonged unresponsiveness can disrupt the service provision and may necessitate reallocation of resources.

      Reinitiation of Suspended Order: To reinitiate a suspended order due to client unresponsiveness, a reinitiation fee of 250 USD per order will be applicable. This fee is imposed to cover the administrative and operational costs incurred due to the disruption and delay caused by the extended period of unresponsiveness.

      Payment of Reinitiation Fee: The reinitiation fee must be paid in full before any further work on the suspended order can commence. This fee is in addition to any previously agreed-upon charges and is non-negotiable.

      Procedure for Reinitiating Services: Upon payment of the reinitiation fee, the client may resume the order process. The service provider will conduct a reassessment of the project requirements and timelines, considering any changes or adjustments that may be necessary due to the elapsed time.

      Communication of Reinitiation Terms: These terms will be communicated to the client at the time of order confirmation and will be included in the written confirmation of agreed services.

    30. Client will be responsible for making back-up and archival copies of its documents. In no event will Reseapro be responsible to the Client or any other person for any loss, corruption or alteration of documents.
    31. The right to privacy and confidentiality of the Client and the manuscript submitted to Reseapro shall always be respected. Reseapro and its employees make no claims on any work submitted to us for editing. Any documents ("manuscript") submitted by the Client will remain the intellectual property of the Client. Editors have signed a service and confidentiality agreement to waive their claim to any intellectual property submitted though the Service.
    32. Client represents that it has obtained all necessary third party rights, including, without limitation, copyrights, for any Documents or portions thereof that belong to third parties. It is the responsibility of Client to determine if it is necessary for it to obtain, and for obtaining, any licenses required to use third party content which is part of the Documents.
    33. Client acknowledges that Reseapro owns all right, title and interest in and to the Service (the "Reseapro rights"), and such Reseapro Rights are protected by India and international intellectual property laws. The Client also agrees that it will not use any robot, spider, other automated device, or manual process to monitor or copy any content from the Service.
    34. the trademark service interface of Reseapro Scientific Services (P) Ltd. may, in its sole and absolute discretion, immediately terminate service, should the Client's conduct fail to conform to the terms and conditions of our service.
    35. The validity, interpretation, construction, and performance of the Terms and Conditions of Service in this Agreement shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of INDIA and that the Client consents to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts at Cuttack, Orissa, INDIA for any dispute arising out of this Agreement.
    36. In the event of any disputes, differences or claims whatsoever arising out of this agreement between parties, the parties will endeavor to settle them amicably by mutual discussion. Failing such amicable settlement, the disputes, differences or claims whatsoever shall be settled by arbitration in accordance with Arbitration & Conciliation Act 1996.The arbitration shall be held in Bhubaneswar, Odisha, INDIA. The language of arbitration shall be English and the arbitral award shall be final and binding on both the parties. The arbitration proceedings will be held before the sole Arbitrator appointed by Reseapro. Any arbitration award will be final and binding on the parties.
    37. No other guarantees or liabilities that are not contained in this agreement shall be binding upon our company.
    38. This website is owned and operated by Reseapro Scientific Services (P) Ltd. and is protected by international copyright and trademark laws. You may not modify, copy, reproduce, republish, upload, post, transmit, or distribute in any way, any material from this site, including code and software. You may download material from this site for your personal, non-commercial use only, provided you keep intact all copyright and other proprietary notices. By using this website, the client agrees to be bound by all of the terms and conditions of, the trademark service interface of Reseapro Scientific Services (P) Ltd.'s service. Should the Client object to any such terms and conditions or any subsequent modifications thereto or become dissatisfied with the site in any way, the client's sole recourse is to discontinue his/her use of the site.
    39. The Terms and Conditions of Service and disclaimers, as well as the site itself, may be modified, amended, or updated by, the trademark service interface of Reseapro Scientific Services (P) Ltd. at any time without notice, provided that any modification, amendment, or update to the Terms of Service will only be effective against the Client for purchases occurring after the (effective date) thereof, which effective date will occur on the date that such modified Terms and Conditions are posted on this site. The Client's use of the Services after Reseapro provides it with notice of such changes shall be deemed its approval of such changes
    40. We strive to provide optimal service to our valued clients. In order to ensure a seamless experience, we take certain steps to guarantee the availability of a subject expert before finalizing the timeline of an order. Once a client expresses their interest in our services and agrees to proceed, we allocate a designated subject expert who is put on hold until the payment is completed and the order is confirmed. Upon dispatching the payment link from our finance department, it becomes the client's responsibility to remit the full amount for the order. It is important to note that any delay in payment on the client's end may impact the subsequent processes and progress of the order. In such cases, Reseapro cannot guarantee the timely completion of the project or assure the further handling and usage of the data shared by the client. We strongly encourage our clients to fulfil their payment obligations promptly to ensure the smooth execution of their orders and to safeguard the integrity of their shared data.
    41. In the event of a delayed payment beyond the designated due date, the client will be subject to compensation. For delays up to 5 days, a surcharge of 10% will be added to the invoice amount, 20% on delays of 5-10 days, and 35% for delays of 10-20 days. Once the delay exceeds 20 days, a 100% surcharge will be imposed.
    42. Our operational schedule follows a 5-working day week, excluding weekends. We strive to adhere to the specified timelines and make every effort to ensure prompt delivery of files. However, if the designated delivery date happens to fall on a weekend, the file will be delivered on the subsequent working day. Our delivery timeline aligns with the US timeline, considering that our team of experts primarily operates from the United States, the United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.
    43. Additional charges may apply for requests for deliveries on weekends.
    44. When a client upgrades their package, it is essential for them to promptly complete the payment within the stipulated time frame. Failure to make the full payment for the upgraded service will result in the application of a service charge, and the order will be automatically closed after a period of 5 days.
    45. In the event that the client chooses not to proceed with the service following the analysis, the client will be responsible for covering the incurred analysis charges.
    46. An administrative charge of USD 35 will be applicable in the case of uploading incorrect files or content.
    47. A fee of USD 75 will be applied for requests of Native English Editing Certificate made after 1 month from the completion of the service.
    48. In the event of non-acknowledgment of emails, delayed response or lack of feedback from a client regarding an ongoing order for a duration exceeding 15 days, a supplementary charge of USD 135 will be applied. A charge of USD 200 will be applicable for a period ranging from 30 to 45 days. If the delay persists beyond 45 days, the order will be deemed closed, and a charge equivalent to the total order amount may be imposed to re-initiate the order.
    49. The generation of additional plagiarism reports on multiple occasions will incur a charge of USD 35 per report.
    50. The validity period for all publication packages is 1 year. Extension charges for prolonging the validity are as follows: 2 Months*: USD 150; 4 Months*: USD 290; 6 Months*: USD 385
    51. The word count specified in the service suggestion and order confirmation is an approximate figure. Throughout the writing process, if the expert deems it necessary to increase the word count in order to align with the study's objectives and include essential information, or if the client requests additional content, any associated additional charges will be the responsibility of the client.
    52. At Manuscriptedit, we uphold the values of mutual respect and professionalism. We place great emphasis on maintaining a professional and courteous tone in all our communication with clients, and we appreciate the same from them. We do not tolerate the use of vulgarity, slang, or any form of offensive language. If a client engages in such behavior, we will regrettably have to close the order without further ado.
    53. In case of an order being prematurely terminated due to non-compliance with the service protocol, and if the client desires to reinstate the service, the client shall bear full financial responsibility for the resumption, with an associated cost of USD 285. The client is required to submit the payment within a 7-day period from the date of the request. Failure to do so will result in the client being liable to pay the original order value, without any applicable discounts, thereafter.
    54. If the client has availed the Publication package from ManuscriptEdit but submits the paper independently without informing ManuscriptEdit, the service will be considered closed, and we cannot be held responsible for any rejections. It is essential to obtain ManuscriptEdit's consent before proceeding.
    55. Upon receipt of payment, it is essential for the client to promptly supply all necessary details or data pertaining to the specific assignments within a maximum timeframe of 30 days. Failure to comply within this period may result in the order being deemed closed. Alternatively, the client may choose to resume the order by remitting a minimum fee of USD 285, which is subject to fluctuations in exchange rates and inflation.
    56. In the event of an outstanding payment, it is the client's responsibility to fulfill the outstanding dues within the stipulated timeframe from the date of initial payment. Manuscriptedit will not entertain late payment claims resulting from delays in providing the requisite information or feedback from the client's end or the back-and-forth exchange of emails. Any delay in payment beyond the agreed-upon date may incur a fine as per the guidelines specified in point 'am'.

    Information article on English Language Editing Certificate

    Most top-tiered prestigious journals originate from the United States, United Kingdom, and European countries. To ensure the quality and clarity of language in research papers, many of these journals require authors to obtain a "English Language Editing Certificate" This certificate serves as evidence that the manuscript has been carefully reviewed and edited by a native English speaker to ensure accurate language usage, grammar, and overall readability.

    In cases where the subject expert responsible for the research and writing of the article is not a native English speaker, it is advisable to hire an additional expert who possesses native-level proficiency in English. This expert will carefully review the manuscript and make necessary edits to meet the journal's language standards. The purpose of this additional review is to certify that the language used in the paper is of high quality and can effectively communicate the research findings to the intended audience.

    We recommend that authors seeking publication in renowned journals from the US, UK, and Europe take this requirement into consideration and avail the language certification service. This step will significantly contribute to the success of their submissions and increase the likelihood of their work being recognized and appreciated by the academic community.


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